Student Researchers

 Current Researchers

 Wyatt Andersen, San Acacia Project. Microsatellites, voucher preparation.  

 Pursuing graduate career in cancer research.

 Courtney Massey, Phylogeography of the desert pocket gopher, Geomys arenarius
Jill Hill, Pocket gopher gene flow across the San Acacia Constriction, NM
Lauren Billings, Phylogeny of Thomomydoecus
Natalie Espinoza, Planaria and minigel specialist 
Recently Graduated Researchers  

Sarah Huebner, B.S. Spring 2016

Population genetics of expanding populations of Geomydoecus.

Current: Ph.D. program, lion conservation, U. Minnesota

Belle Harper (left), 2015 Cedar Falls High School Senior, Currently U. Iowa

Lucas Pietan, B.S. Spring 2016

mtDNA minicircles in pocket gopher chewing lice

Current: Covenant Medical Center

 Brian Ross, B.S. Spring 2016

 Bacterial endosymbionts of chewing lice at San Acacia, NM,

Current: Ph.D. program at Montana State University